Executive Summary

Executive Summary

General information about the project InnovaSaúde

The InnovaSaúde is a Health Innovation Plan with an invesment of over 45M€ to be spent until the year 2015, cofunded by the FEDER funds, in the frame of the R&D Operational Plan to benefit companies, Technological Fund 2007-2013.

INNOVA-Saúde is a group of 14 subprojects by which innovative solutions fulfil current and future healthcare needs.

INNOVA-Saúde will mainly focus in:


The acute-ill patients` model of medicine has gone further in the last decades towards a model of medicine focused on chronic-ill patients, who need cares that are more continuous. INNOVA-Saúde healthcare services will follow this trend developing new offshore tools (telehealth, telemonitoring, 2.0 websites for patients,...) in order to avoid unnecessary admissions and overwhelming of hospital services and at the same time favour a fast communication and access.

SAFE AND FAST Healthcare

Safe healthcare is the one that applies new technological solutions to reduce professional human mistakes as much as possible. Thus, by developing intelligent information and communication systems together with the introduction of new processes, patient safety will increase.

At the same time, INNOVA-Saúde aims to design and implement a safe environment for professionals of the sector by developing new projects in the future.


The conventional model seems to be more and more inefficient when fulfilling patients` needs at hospital. This is why it is essential to change healthcare structure in order to ensure an optimal delivery of quality and safe services.